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Brian and James of Clocktower Staffing were in need of a simple website landing page as they were making a new name for themselves within the New England staffing market. Clocktower, marrying visuals from the iconic Custom House tower in Boston, the organizational meaning of time, and a subtle nod to their love of Back to the Future, created a recognizable and versatile wordmark that would set them apart from other corporate competitors. Creation of one pagers, slides, excel that they can use time and time again, business cards, corporate merch.

For Brian and James of Clocktower Staffing, establishing a new identity in the competitive New England staffing market was a strategic move. The logo design combines elements inspired by the iconic Custom House tower in Boston, the conceptual symbolism of time, and a subtle nod to their passion for “Back to the Future.” The result is a distinctive and versatile wordmark that sets Clocktower Staffing apart from corporate competitors.

This unique visual identity was seamlessly translated across various collateral, including a simple yet impactful website landing page that serves as a gateway to prospective clients. Beyond the digital realm, their brand extends to tangible touchpoints such as business cards and corporate merchandise, reinforcing Clocktower Staffing’s presence in the market and ensuring a cohesive and professional representation in their day-to-day operations.



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Madeline proved to be a total game-changer for me as I was launching my first business venture.

She provided us with several design options at every turn, worked collaboratively with us throughout the process, and executed the vision so that our company could have a functional digital presence right out of the gate. Madeline is that rare blend we are all looking for in the professional services world: she is truly a pleasure to work with AND she delivers results at a high level. Hiring her was like hiring an idea generator, a graphic designer, a part-time tech support person, and a cheerleader all at once.

– Brian Porrell, Clocktower Staffing Co-Founder

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