CBH Communications

Design Approach

When Chris Haynes of CBH Communication sought design assistance, the objective was clear: to elevate his communication materials and align them with his longstanding reputation in the hospitality industry. Traditionally relying on word of mouth, Chris recognized the need for a digital facelift during the pandemic-induced closures of restaurants. This update aimed to showcase his company’s capabilities, philanthropic endeavors, and a repurposed mission to navigate through slower times.

The revamped logo stands as a testament to this evolution, featuring a clean sans-serif font in deep grey and navy blues. Against the backdrop of a dramatic Boston city skyline at night, the color palette not only exudes sophistication but also captures the essence of CBH Communication’s resilience and adaptability.

This visual transformation serves as a powerful online introduction, allowing potential clients to delve into Chris’s expertise, the company’s philanthropic initiatives, and its proven track record during challenging times. The redesigned digital presence is not just a reflection of capabilities; it’s a strategic move to stay connected and relevant in a ever changing and fast-paced industry.



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