Philadelphia Box Lunch

Design Approach

In 2022, I partnered with Philadelphia Box Lunch, a family-owned catering business, to give their brand a modern makeover during a generational shift. We replaced the dated visuals with a clear sans-serif font and a vibrant color scheme inspired by Philadelphia’s Eagles Kelly Green and deep teal. The liberty bell underwent a stylistic reconstruction as well, signaling a fresh and friendly future.

We transformed their packaging, labels, marketing materials, and social media presence to showcase the new identity in a clear and cohesive way. The website design was updated with new dynamic photography and products on the homepage, strong calls to action, and simplified ordering instructions. After streamlining ordering systems and menus, I also assisted the owners in navigating the once mysterious WordPress Dashboard.

The result is a set of approachable and contemporary materials that will serve as enduring brand assets for Philadelphia Box Lunch in the years ahead.



Marketing Materials

Web Design



Photography Direction

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