Flora’s Wine Bar

Design Approach

In early 2020, Flora’s Wine Bar emerged as a sophisticated destination nestled in West Newton, MA showcasing a meticulously curated selection of wines, craft cocktails, and unforgettable charcuterie boards and small bites.

Crafted on behalf of Isenberg Projects, the visual identity is a thoughtful composition that intricately weaves together elements and legacy inspired by the establishment’s namesake, Flora, Andrew’s grandmother.

Marketing materials were expertly designed to strike a perfect balance between style and substance, mirroring the distinctive offerings of Flora’s Wine Bar. The website seamlessly extends the ambiance and allure of the physical space into a captivating online experience. More than just visual aesthetics, the brand created for Flora’s Wine Bar is a narrative that warmly invites patrons into a world of taste and ambiance.

Every detail, from the tactile menus and the refined presentation of napkins to signage that hangs above the entrance goes beyond functionality, serving as a visual cue that accentuates the sophistication and flavor-rich experience that this warmhearted and exceptional restaurant brings to the neighborhood.



Web Design

Marketing Materials




Photography Direction

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