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More than just an MLS

Gain access to the most complete residential real estate data available, comprehensive market reports, advanced export functions and customized client management to drive your real estate business.

LINK > The Urban MLS

LINK is Boston’s Urban MLS, designed to include the most comprehensive data on Downtown Boston Residential Condominiums, Townhouses and Buildings.

LINK subscribers experience a seamless “search” process, including searching for available properties or sold data.The LINK Building Search offers you the ability to search by Building Name as well as search by Building Floor.A host of other tools allow you to refine and articulate search results for Boston Listings.

LINK Subscriptions are available to Licensed Real Estate Firms, Agents, Real Estate Developers and Appraisers.Prospective Buyers and Sellers can request a User Name and Password to access LINK by contacting any firm that subscribes to LINK.

A LINK Subscription includes listing all Broker Public Open Houses in Boston Homes, the most complete consumer publication for Residential Real Estate.

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