Madeline Jacobson

Seasoned Visual Storyteller.

Branding Virtuoso.

Creative Translator.

Hi there, I’m glad you’re here. A little about me: I’m a passionate visual storyteller with over 15 years working with brands, small businesses, and in-house teams. Based in the cities of Boston and Philadelphia, I’ve dedicated my career to delivering impactful graphic solutions.

Since 2015, I’ve been a Designer at Isenberg Projects, a creative consulting agency specializing in place-based work and community engagement. I’ve had the privilege of contributing to an incredible range of projects that transcend conventional design, focusing on the intersection of the built environment and community.

My expertise extends across a vast spectrum of design challenges, from developing brand identities and marketing materials to dynamic WordPress websites and comprehensive signage and wayfinding strategies. I bring a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and creative problem-solving to each project.

I am deeply committed to empowering my clients with the tools necessary to navigate and thrive in our fast-paced, competitive world. My work isn’t just about creating visually appealing materials; it’s about crafting purposeful and flexible communication assets that stand the test of time.

When I’m not behind a computer, you’ll find me getting my steps in; seeking inspiration through traveling and exploring public spaces. You might also catch me enjoying live music, checking out a new cocktail bar, or reading on the couch with my cat, Marshall.